To have a quickly loading website, you should have a clean and well structured back–end code. In the Control Panel, you’ll find a set of tools that can help you boost your website’s performance without needing to touch anything in the back–end code. The Website Accelerators – Node.js, Memcached and Varnish won’t just help you to provide a lot faster loading speeds to your guests and consequently decrease site exit volumes, but may also drive your web site higher in the search engine results.

To utilize the Website Accelerators, just access your Control Panel and generate an instance for the acceleration tool you like the most.


RAM–storing as opposed to data base queries

The Memcached platform is ideal for increasing site streaming speeds by memorizing the data–base information that is inquired by your visitors. It is a robust distributed memory object caching platform, allowing for info and objects to be stored within the RAM as an alternative for getting querried each time a person visits a page.

This system is good for your database–driven websites or applications where your visitors invest lots of time searching as well as loading information. Memcached is found in the advanced instruments area of the Control Panel.

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RAM–caching as an alternative to HTTP calls

Should you have content–loaded dynamic web sites with many different pictures and movies, you will definitely have to be sure that your pages stream really fast for your visitors. An incredible instrument you should use is the Varnish HTTP acceleration application that will help you boost your sites without demanding that you possess any specialized tech knowledge.

Varnish saves all calls towards the server with the server RAM and provides the pages rapidly to the visitor by avoiding new queries to the hosting server. In this way, all web pages on your website will be opened 300 – 1000x times more quickly for your website visitors. You can also select whether the arriving calls will be taken care of by Varnish, or by the web server, and so forth.

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Develop scalable web apps with no trouble

Node.js comes with a cutting–edge development program for creating scalable web applications and sites in a short time span. It can be used for nearly anything – from managing API requests, streaming information and parsing emails to converting photographs, music files, videos and office files.

It is using the Google V8 JavaScript engine and also employs an event–driven, non–blocking I/O model that makes it compact and powerful. Additionally, Node.js features a huge assistance community that creates regular updates for the program and is at all times happy to provide support.

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